Be A Hero

Be one of our 1,000 helping hands of kindness. Be a hero.

Donate N1,000 ($3) a month for 12 months to make our Jeremiah Childrens’ dreams come true!

What do we use your money for?

We have various programs for our children.

You can Contact Us for any questions you have! We love hearing from our partners!

School Stuff

We give our children textbooks from the Jeremiah Library as well as notebooks, school bags, water bottles, writing materials and calculators

Health Insurance

We partner with WellaHealth to enroll all our children into a comprehensive healthcare plan. This plan covers an annual physical check up and health talk.

Shop Vouchers

Every year each child gets 30 Mayas(equivalent of N3000 or $8) to shop at the Jeremiah Store. The Jeremiah Store has donated clothes, electronics, books etc. A Maya looks like an actual bank note and we use this to teach our children about the value of money.

After School Tutoring

We have tutors for Math and English for our children. They have access to the tutors for four (4) hours a week. The tutors use the school curriculum and assessments tests to walk our children through the Jeremiah Study Plans

Vocational School

We have a two week vocational school in August every year. During this period we teach the children a skill that can be used to start a business. After the class is done several children are given capital to start. They sell the products on our shop page and save the money at 5%/ annum interest in the Bank of Jeremiah.