Scholarship Program

We, partner, with schools to offer scholarships to at-risk and poverty-stricken youth. We currently work with schools identified and approved by the Lagos State Government.

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Mentorship Program

Our quarterly mentorship programs focus on skill acquisition and moral education. We work with schools to develop programs that address gaps in their curriculum.

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TJF Store

Every quarter we collate all donated dry and tinned food items and share with the families of our Jeremiah Kids.

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Widows Fund

Our Widows fund is a bi-annual disbursement of funds for widows in business. A simple business plan is created and reviewed every month with the women.

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TJF Tutors

TJF Tutors are people passionate about education and can offer a few hours a month to teach our kids on specific subjects.

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School Rehabilitation

Based on the needs of the school we donate desks and chairs to our registered schools every year.

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Breaking the cycle of poverty

Of these, we know that providing high-quality education is one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty for good. When an individual graduates from college, he or she doubles their lifetime earnings and paves the way for future generations of their families to pursue the path to and through college

Education is essential to help children in conflict situations and strengthen future societies. Realistically we cannot undo the past and some of the terrible things that children have been through, however education is one of the key ways we can all help

One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria. Even though primary education is officially free and compulsory, about 10.5 million of the country’s children aged 5-14 years are not in school.

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